Pumpkin Gingerbread

Last Friday night, Brad and I were in Trader Joe’s when he says “I don’t remember who told me this, but you can add canned pumpkin to mixes instead of fat and eggs.”  That someone was me, which I reminded him.  I actually got the idea from Monica (Run Eat Repeat) in the entry “Easiest Pumpkin Cupcakes”.  We didn’t make cupcakes, but we did add canned pumpkin to TJ’s gingerbread mix.

TJ's gingerbread mix & organic canned pumpkin

The results were pretty good.  We basically just mixed the two together and the only addition was 3/4 cups of water as the box said to add.  The inside of the bread was extremely bread-like.  I thought maybe the center wasn’t done at first, but it is just kind of custard-y because of the pumpkin addition.  It was excellent served with a dollop of Edy’s Vanilla Yogurt Blend.

Gingerbread and icecreamMine is the smaller serving on the right.  It was just the right amount to take care of my sweet tooth.


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