Ho hum day

Today’s breakfast was…was…so long ago I can’t quite remember.  Let’s look at the photo.

Banana PB OatsIt looks like it was banana oats with PB and peanuts.  Yum!  That was great.  I ate most of it before I even made it to the interstate.

This is what my lunch looked like last night when I packed it.

Lunch/Snacks on the go

From left to right, here is what I ate at work today:

  • I nuked the raspberries and added them to the Greek yogurt with half of a pumpkin flax Kashi granola bar (afternoon snack)
  • Humus with cherry tomatoes and one carrot was my morning snack.
  • Lunch was leftover acorn squash with garbanzo beans on top.

To tell the truth, lunch was a little bland.  It needed more salt or maybe a sauce like bbq sauce.

Sometimes my lunchbox will not close because it is filled to the brim with Tupperware.

Too full

Today was a bit dull because my one meeting was canceled and I sat at my desk all day long.  I’m just not cut out for little to no interaction with people all day.  I’m definitely an extrovert and have read that extroverts get energy from being around other people.  So when my day is filled with sitting at a computer, I feel pretty drained.

On the way home I swung by my grandparents’ house.  They weren’t home but I knew there was something inside waiting for me.

baby cast iron

My trusty little cast iron frying pan from college, all refurbished and shiny new!  It had been the victim of a roommate who unfortunately was unaware that you do not soak cast iron in soapy water.  The results were rusting and flaking, which my grandfather fixed right up. 🙂

Later on at home, Brad worked on dinner…

Brad cooking shrimpWe are all about shrimp right now because we bought 14 pounds of shrimp from the NC coast (where Brad is from) and it is sitting in our freezer waiting to be eaten.  Actually, we probably only have about 1/2 that much at this point.  So far, we have made a lot of shrimp and grits (my favorite) and shrimp tacos, which was on the menu tonight.

While Brad was working on the shrimp, I was making not one, but two pies.  Don’t let me fool you, the recipe is really simple.  I will be sure to post it later. I signed up to bring one pie to the Halloween luncheon at work on Friday.  Since Brad really loves this pie, I made him one to take to work with him.

When Brad finished the shrimp, I dressed up the soft corn tacos.

Shrimp tacos

I added salsa, avocado, and FF sour cream. Not too different from my black bean tacos from the other night.  But the shrimp made it so much better.  The beer was also a nice compliment.

The gingerbread in the fridge was calling my name.

gingerbead + yogurt blend

I just can’t pass up sweets when they’re in the house.  I think I’m going to try to skip dessert all next week during the weekdays and maybe have a cup of tea instead.  And in case you were wondering…yes, my thumbs do look like toes.  In my family we call them toe thumbs.  My aunt tried to hide hers all through school, but I have always shown mine off proudly.  I don’t mind being a bit weird.  Brad says I’m the weirdest girl he knows. 🙂





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