Happy Halloween!

This morning started out with a BIG bowl of punkin nanner oats.

Punkin Nanner Oats

My oats were topped with some almond butter and a handful of PB puffins, accompanied by coffee of course.  I needed to run 10 miles this morning so I needed a substantial breakfast.  When I have plenty of time on a long run day, I really like to eat a good breakfast then wait about two hours and then run.  On race days I typically eat less because I don’t have two hours to laze about.

My ten miles went great!…better than my 8 miles or my 9 miles.  The only real problem with any of my runs is that where our condo is situated in the city, it is virtually impossible to avoid a long run up a big hill on the stretch back.  I felt really good on mile 9 but the one mile run up a never-ending hill really tired me out.  Overall I feel pretty confident about my half marathon coming up, however I’m not being very astringent about my time.

After I got back Brad and I showered expecting to try the new sushi place on the same block as our building.  We were really sad to see it was closed.  So, we walked a few more blocks to try another new sushi place….also closed.  At this point I was ravenous and my legs were pretty tight despite stretching them well after my run.  Thankfully the sushi place in Brad’s office building (Room 112) was open and our sushi craving was satisfied.


Here is our sushi feast for two.  I ate all six pieces of the nigiri.  From left to right is tuna nigiri, salmon nigiri, and eel nigiri.  I also had two tastes of the rolls: one of the spider roll, which is on the right on the back row, and one of the spicy tuna, which is on the left on the back row.  To be honest, it was okay.  It cured our sushi craving but it wasn’t the best sushi I had ever had, although the eel was pretty good (my favorite).

After lunch we spent the rest of the afternoon at the Salvation Army looking for Brad’s Halloween costume.  I’m going as a flapper and he is going as Charlie Chaplin.  I think both of our costumes look pretty great.  I also went to TJ’s for some grocery shopping (and a bit of snacking) while Brad went by Target to complete his outfit.  Pictures soon to come!

After arriving home, I folded laundry and then made myself some dinner.  The sushi I had didn’t really hold me over very long, but I was afraid to eat too much as I often do when I’m ravenous, so I saved my appetite for later.

Dinner was humus and lite jarlsburg on TJ’s OWN SPROUTED WHEAT BREAD!!!  Is this new?  I’ve never seen it before.  Usually I go back and forth between Ezekiel and Nature’s Own Whole Wheat Bread, but I really loved TJ’s version of sprouted wheat.  It was much softer than Ezekiel’s.  I think it’s a keeper.

Sandwich + salad

To go along with my sandwich, I had a salad of spinach, cherry tomatoes, cukes, and slivered almonds.  I also had some green goddess dressing on the side.  It was much too thick so I added a little apple cider vinegar.  I often find that all salad dressings besides vinaigrette are too thick but I wish I had a better way to dilute them without increasing the flavor of the vinegar so much.  If you have any ideas or methods for doing this, I would love to hear about them!

Now I’m off to get ready for Halloween.  There is a party in our building thrown for all the residents and then we’ll probably go out to a restaurant/tavern/bar afterwords.

Happy Halloween!


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