Extra hour

It’s time for daylight savings!  Don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour!

As much as I love an extra hour of sleep/extra hour in my day, I do not love daylight savings.  It’s kind of depressing how it get dark so soon.  Because I leave for work so early and get home so late, I am going to seriously be lacking in sunshine exposure.  I wish there was a nearby walking track close to my work so I could get soak of some Vitamin D during my lunch.  I guess I could walk around the parking lot.

Breakfast this morning was a yogurt bowl.

Breakfast lit by the monitor's glow

We have a house guest sleeping in our living room on an air mattress so I didn’t want to wake her up by turning on the light.  I guess I should have used the flash huh?

We live in a one bedroom condo that is less than 700 square feet.  I really love this place because it really reflects mine and Brad’s own personal style.  We put a lot of thought and effort into decorating and making use of the space we have, which included putting half of my clothes away in a storage unit downstairs.


So as you can see, when we have guests stay over I have the option of staying in bed until they’re up or just getting up and going about my usual business.  Most of our guests are pretty early wakers  like me so it’s usually not an issue.   By early this morning I mean 9:40 am.  Not so early really but we did stay out awfully late last night.

Now I’m off to shower and to the mall!  Have a nice Sunday!


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