The last 36 hours

So I have been a little MIA since Sunday afternoon.  Sometimes it is just difficult to find the time to blog, especially when I feel like I haven’t given Brad enough attention (or we haven’t been alone for more than an hour the entire weekend).  Anyway, I did however remember to snap a photo of most of the things I ate.

Before dinner on Sunday night I did about 45 minutes of high energy yoga.  This totally confirmed for me that I am really really bad at yoga.  I am so inflexible, which makes yoga really painful and frustrating.  I’m trying to see this as a new challenge and not something to give up on.  Hopefully I can put some time into working on this at least once a week.  I think this is the extent of my goal for now, plus trying to really stretch after all other exercises. 

The tuna steaks Brad had been marinating all day went great with roasted corn on the cob and mashed cauliflower.  Yes, I know it looks like meat and carb overload, but that is not mashed potatoes.  I love mashed cauliflower!  I could eat it forever sans potatoes and never miss out on the lack of starchiness. 

more delicious than it looked

My tuna kind of fell apart while I was transferring it to the plate.  Take my word for it, the meal was a lot more delicious than it looks in the photograph.

I also took two frozen bananas (one for me and one for Brad) out of the freezer, whipped them in the food processor and added a bit of PB and pumpkin butter.  Double yum!

Two whipped frozen bananas

I turned in early wishing I had another day of weekend.  


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