Food of Many Colors

Two weekends ago, when it was really warm in Charlotte, I made cilantro turkey burgers with cranberry salsa and a very pretty salad of tomatoes, spinach, carrot ribbons, corn, and green goddess dressing thinned out with a bit of lemon juice.

To be completely honest, it wasn’t the best turkey burgers I’ve ever had.  Brad makes these really awesome ones with sage and grated apple. My cranberry salsa was made by pulsing about 1 1/2 cups of cranberries in the food processors and letting them marinate in 3 Tbsp. of raw sugar.  After setting for about 30 minutes I added a de-seeded chopped jalapeno, 1/2 a chopped apple, the zest of one orange, and several generous squirts of lemon juice (probably about 2 Tbsp.)  The recipe came from Simply Recipes.  The turkey burgers weren’t delicious enough to post the recipe.  I will definitely post Brad’s turkey burger recipe when he makes them again.  They are much better.

And here it is again on the balcony where we ate.  I love love love eating on the balcony when it’s warm out.  Too bad that night was the last night that we will be able to dine outside.  It has gotten pretty chilly in NC now.  But I do love the fall and am super excited to spend Thanksgiving with Brad’s parents on the coast this upcoming weekend.



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2 responses to “Food of Many Colors

  1. That’s you’re balcony? LUCKY! What a gorgeous view you have–I wouldn’t care how cold it was, i’d be out there every day! 🙂

    • It is pretty cool! But says it’s 30 degrees F and feels like 21. Plus we’re having gusts of 21 mph. I’m pretty much a wuss when it comes to cold weather.

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