Full Fat Flavor

I was recently at the grocery story and realized it was closing time, so I swung by the dairy section and grabbed the first Greek yogurt I saw that was on sale.

I later realized that I had bought the full fat version.  The last time I did this I actually returned the yogurt for the fat-free version.  However, this time I decided to go with it.  Can I just say that full fat Greek yogurt is life changing?  Yes, it is that good.

This got me thinking about whole milk versus skim milk, which one is really better for you, or  really which is better for me, because that’s what really matters.

After doing a little digging in research studies, I finally decided that the research is really unclear.  Studies show that whole milk will raise your cholesterol (because of the higher cholesterol content).  But more recent studies suggest that whole milk can aid in less weight gain.  Perhaps its the fat that makes you feel full and helps you to eat less. (?)

Here are the stats from my yogurt.

The difference in calories, fat, and cholesterol is significant, but boy is it yummy.

So what are we to do with all of this unclear research?  I know what I’m going to do.  I’m going to not be so all or nothing until I know all of the facts.  I might buy full fat every now and then because i really like it, but overall, I’m going to mix it up and when I do use full-fat, I will use less.  Typically I bring fruit and granola with my yogurt; this time I did not.

In other news, I have managed to dress decently for two days in a row.  Usually my clothes choices have more to do with my inability to iron than what I really want to wear.  How do people take decent pictures of themselves this way?  This sub-par picture was one of four failed attempts.

What do you think?  Some people are die-hard full-fat dairy product consumers, while others won’t go near anything but skim products.  Where do your loyalties lie?



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6 responses to “Full Fat Flavor

  1. I’m mixed when it comes to dairy. I always go for low-fat/ nonfat milk and yogurt, but full fat cheese and ice cream! I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever had full fat yogurt, but you’ve inspired me to try it 🙂

    Your dress is super-cute!

  2. l like full fat dairy because its easier on my stomach. Lower in lactose and therefore sugar. Plus…..its so creamy. YUM!

  3. I actually love that exact yogurt! I think the fat is more satisfying. I like to incorporate a few full fat products here and there in my diet — I definitely think it helps with weight maintenance, health, and vibrance. Sometimes I mix full fat greek yogurt or 2% with fat free.

    Have a great evening love!

  4. The Greek Gods yogurt is my favorite Greek yogurt too! I got the honey strawberry flavor once and it was so good. I have yet to try another brand or flavor I like as much. You know I like non-fat plain yogurt for other things (on mexican food, in smoothies, etc…), but if I’m just going to sit down and eat strait yogurt, I think this kind is the best 🙂

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