Look what I did

Last night I did it.  I’ve been thinking about it.  I’m been scheming in my head how to make it happen.  I’ve been whispering about it in Brad’s ear while he sleeps and when he’s awake.

And finally we did it!

We bought the Vitamix.

Sorry for the somewhat fuzzy shot.  I was so hungry by the time I took this photo, I had the shakes.

Brad took much better pictures while we pretended to do a Vitamix infomercial.

My arm is gigantic in this photo.  Maybe it’ just the angle or maybe my 30 Day Shred is really working. 🙂

See how much I love it?

No, seriously, this was just for the photo opt, but I really do love it.  What you’re seeing here is me making my Chocolate Strawberry Smoothie.  And I have to say that what resulted was the absolute best smoothie I’ve ever had.  I used frozen bananas and frozen strawberries and no ice because of all of the frozen fruit (ice is really just for consistency).

I have to admit that I’m a bit biased against my old blender.  It was on its last leg.  It couldn’t handle half of a frozen  banana without some nurturing and coercing, which is pretty aggravating in my constant state of morning rush.  Also, my spinach has never came out smoother in the smoothie.  For the past two weeks, my old blender was leaving chunks of spinach leaves which were clogging up my straw.  Yuck!

I mentioned the 30 day shred so I feel the need to give you an updated on my Wedding Shape-up Challenge.  If I had to grade myself on my adherence so far to my plan, I’d give myself an 85.  There were two days I did not do the 30 day shred in the past 8 days, but one of those days I walked around DC for at least 5-6 miles so I definitely got in some exercise.  The other day I was just being plain lazy.

My eats have been as planned most of the time, except last weekend in DC.  Even still, I think I ate well the majority of the time.  I ate a sensible breakfast every morning with what little we had to choose from at the hotel’s continental breakfast and did pretty well with lunch.  There were three meals where I wouldn’t say I went crazy, but I probably should have stopped before I did.

That being said, I’m still pretty happy with how it’s going.  I managed to do the 30 day shred one of the two days we were in DC, but still managed to exercise a lot with all the walking we did.  Also, I’ve been working out way more than 30 minutes total most days like I had planned.  I even ran 5.6 miles last night in addition to the Shred.  Also, Level 1 became a bit too easy so I decided to push myself and do Level 2 beginning yesterday.  I’ve done Level 2 before, just not everyday, which is way more intense.

What’s more, I’m happy that I’ve worked out something that is working for me right now but is not stressing me out.  If you can’t live life while you clean up your eating and work on your fitness level, it’s just not worth it to me.  I was discussing this last night with a friend about girls who starve themselves the month before the wedding.  I want to remember this as a happy time in my life and ease the stress I mostly put on myself without adding more.

Question: What do you think about brides who take dieting to the extreme to look good in a dress?  Is it worth it



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5 responses to “Look what I did

  1. Glad you love your vitamix Kelly!

    That’s so awesome you’re doing so well with the 30 day shred. Your arm does look buff 😉

    I didn’t intentionally try to lose any weight before my wedding. I just kept up with my normal workout schedule. I think I lost a couple lbs a few weeks before my wedding b/c I was just so busy!

    I agree about some girls taking it to extremes. Last year my friend basically starved herself the 3 mos before her wedding, and she was tiny to begin with. It was so sad.

  2. I feel your excitement. I just got one for Mother’s Day and I think I have used it everyday since I got it! They are amazing! Love your blog, check mine out too if you get a chance.


  3. Exciting! I am pondering how to get my hands on a vitamix 😉

    I think you are doing the right..*sensible thing*…I don’t think it’s worth it to starve /stress yourself out over looking amazing in a dress..when really, most of these girls who do, already look amazing in their dress!

    • Thanks for the encouraging words. I owe my Vitamix to having a credit card since I was 18 and waiting 9 years to cash in on my rewards points. That and my very generous fiance giving me his rewards point gift cards to Williams-Sonoma was the only way I could justify “spending” so much on a kitchen appliance. If you can make it happen, do it!

  4. Hey! I just ran across your blog and saw you’re doing the 30 day shred… me too! Buuuuut I’ve only done it 3 times in the past week 😉

    I didn’t lose much weight before my wedding. I had all the strict goals I was going to follow, but chose to enjoy the celebrations leading up to the day instead. I stayed healthy, but nothing extreme 🙂

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