My little brother gets married

I promised a recap of my brother’s wedding in Lake Lure, NC and here it is….

I’m waiting patiently for the Bride to come down the aisle.  Note the fan behind me.  It was H-O-T.

From left to right – Austin (the same pastor who will marry Brad and I in August, my brother Wess, and my dad, who was Wess’ best man.

Jen and her dad, who escorted her down the aisle

The first time the happy couple saw each other all day – I should know.  I stood guard all day and made sure they never crossed paths. 🙂

The wrote their own vows.

When my dad cries, I cry so you can imagine what I looked like here.

My brother sang “The Luckiest” which was a complete surprise, although I knew the song was going to be incorporated somehow.  It was so completely sweet and such a hard thing to do while experiencing all of the emotions that come along with getting married.

I  love this photo because the blur makes it whimsical.

First kiss as husband and wife

My aunt is the best cake maker hands down.  She’s making mine and Brad’s also.  Wess and Jen’s was chocolate, red velvet, and the top layer, which wasn’t cut into, is white.

First dance – The danced to Dave Matthew’s Band’s song “You and Me”.  We’re all big Dave fans and are going to see them when they come to Charlotte next month. 🙂

My parents – don’t you think my mom’s dress is beautiful?

Brad and I – cheek to cheek.

Mother – son dance

Although I can’t explain that face, I do know I was doing the twist with my cousin Ashlyn.  I was trying to make her laugh by twisting lower than her.  She’s a shorty just like me.  Every woman in my family is doomed to barely reach a little over 5 feet.

Cake cutting is the prelude to my favorite wedding event, which is handing me a piece of cake.  Maybe that’s not a “wedding event” per se for everyone else, but it sure is for me!

Ashlyn is my junior bridesmaid and my favorite little girl young lady.  We didn’t share a chair for a photo opt, we actually had been sitting this way for a while and the camera caught us.

Sometime during the reception, a soul train formed and Brad just couldn’t resist.

My dad’s turn – he is such a ham! If you could only see his eyes.  I call them his crazy eyes.

The ever popular Macarena.

My brother and his frat brothers/groomsmen serenading Jen.  My brother was the president of his fraternity, Phi Mu Alpha at Appalachian State University.  One of their traditions is to sing “The Sweetheart of Phi Mu Alpha” to the ladies in their life.  They surprised me when they sang to the ladies in my family at Wess’ senior solo recital.  It’s a tradition that they sing it at their wedding to the new bride.  How sweet!

The wedding was beautiful and so much fun!  One thing that that camera did not capture was me diving into the pool in my dress at the end of the evening.  I finally talked Brad into jumping in too.  This is really not outside of my family’s character; my dad had just thrown my aunt into the pool the night before after the rehearsal dinner in her dress.  Like father like daughter!

There’s no pool at my wedding so we will have to be a little more creative at coming up with ridiculous things to do. 😉

Congratulations to Wess and Jen!  You guys are an awesome couple and I’m so glad to be your sister! 🙂


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3 responses to “My little brother gets married

  1. looks like a beautiful wedding!!
    and you’re right, your mum’s dress is gorgeous… so is yours…and the brides… and everyones dresses 😛

  2. Awww, so glad you posted this Kel! Love all the pictures and you looked beautiful! Looks like a great time was had by all 🙂

  3. Looks like such a lovely wedding! You looked gorgeous! You are so photogenic, you’re going to have amazing wedding pictures 🙂

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