Bootcamp in the park

My alarm went off at 7 am this morning because I had a boot camp class to attend at 8:30  and wanted to make sure I was properly fueled.

I knew that a carb heavy breakfast was in order, but the heat has gotten me out of the mood for oatmeal.  I slathered about an ounce of brie on a piece of Ezekiel, the other piece I slathered with Crofter’s Superfruit Asia jam.  I always put the brie on one piece of bread, then stick it in the microwave for 10 seconds so the brie softens and then I can spread it with a knife.  I also had a kiwi that had just begun to soften and a side of Women’s Health.  I like to eat the outside (full of fiber), but it’s easier if you slice the kiwi rather than trying to eat it like an apple.  Then you don’t get a big bite of skin and it’s less messy.

After fueling and drinking water and coffee, I was off to Freedom Park where bootcamp is held.  Jen met me there.  This was her first time attending this particular bootcamp.  We had a great time!

The bootcamp is led by Anna Kooiman, who is a morning show host here in Charlotte for the local Fox affiliate station.   She bubbly and very fit – exactly the type of person you want leading group exercise.  Has anyone ever been to a workout class where the instructor a. was in a glum mood most of the time, b. taunted you while you were working out, or c. was in way worse shape than you?  My answer is yes to all three, but it was three different instructors.

Here’s a photo of the whole gang.  I’m dead center in the fuchsia top.  Jen is two heads over to the right with the white visor.  Anna is directly below me (on the ground).

My favorite part is definitely the turbo kick, which is kind of like kickboxing with some hip hop.  My brain was a little cloudy today and I had some trouble doing moves the right way consistently.

After bootcamp, I set off to Michael’s to pick up something for the wedding.  After going to Michael’s for this item two times only to find that they didn’t have it but assured that they carry it, they offered to call me when it came in.  And they did!  I am so impressed with their customer service, which really goes a long way with me (for you Charlotteans: it’s the one on Park Road).  I picked up some other goodies at Michael’s, then headed home for lunch.

At this point, I was about to gnaw my arm off.

I hastily threw together a beast of salad with mixed green whose expiration is tomorrow (so I thought I better get on them), topped with about a cup of the quinoa I made last night.  I added about an ounce of avocado then my favorite “salad dressing”, which is a few splashes of lemon juice and just a trickle of honey (like 1/2 a tsp. – it’s just enough).

I enjoyed this with a little more Women’s Health and a Kombucha.  I’ve really been digging the Kombucha tea lately and since the company that makes this brand recently sent me samples, a review is definitely in order.  More on that soon.

Now, I’m munching on an organic Pink Lady (my favorite) and am about to leave to go do top-secret bridesmaid gift things.  I’ve been concocting this for quite a while, so I really really really hope they like it.  🙂



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3 responses to “Bootcamp in the park

  1. Good for you for making it to bootcamp! Sounds like a great workout and a fun way to meet new people I bet! Love the Ezekiel/brie/jam combo. And a great suggestion to microwave the brie on the bread so it’s spreadable!
    I’m in love with pink lady apples- no other apple is quite as sweet. By far my favorite! Have a lovely weekend!!

  2. sad i missed that! maybe next time…

  3. Yay, love the recap! It was so much fun doing bootcamp with you Kelly 🙂

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