Blogger Central

In the past 3 days I’ve come to the conclusion that Charlotte is blogger central.  There are so many other healthy food/lifestyle bloggers in the QC!  Somehow, we’ve all come to find each other in the past few weeks and finally we were able to arrange a blogger meetup.

After a lot of back and forth emails, seven of us decided to meet up in Ballantyne (a nice community in the South Charlotte area) at Big Daddy’s Burger Bar.  Big Daddy’s has two locations, one on East Blvd., which is pretty close to me, and its new second location in Ballantyne.  The location closest to us is one of mine and Brad’s favorite places in Charlotte.  We even included it on our list of “recommended places to eat” for our out-of-town wedding guests.  Likewise, the Ballantyne location did not disappoint.

I have to admit, I busted my tail to get there since I was coming from work, which is soooo far away from Charlotte, and still managed to be about 15 minutes late.

We chatted all during dinner getting to know where everyone was from, what we thought about this and that, and what we were currently doing with our lives.

From left to right: me, Tiffany, Brittney, Jen, Jessie, Lauren, and Katie.

The company and the food were right on par.

I ordered the build your own salad.

My salad contained spinach, the most delicious black bean burger, feta, red peppers, cucumbers, and pepperoncinis with a balsamic vinaigrette on the side.  I ate most of the salad and all of the burger.  It was so yummy.

It was so nice to meet up with these girls.  We all had different backgrounds but similar schools of thought about food and blogging.  I never knew when I started blogging that I would actually meet so many people who shared this interest with me.  So many of them have had some pretty cool things happen to them because of their blog.  I’m excited to see what might come my way. 🙂

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