Review: Greek God’s Greek Yogurt

I first tried Greek Gods Greek Yogurt and consequently full-fat Greek yogurt on a whim.  It was on sale at Earth Fare and I grabbed it the 16 oz. container hurriedly as the store was closing.  I really loved the taste of full-fat Greek yogurt and have been buying mostly 2% fat Greek yogurt to strike a healthy medium.

I was really excited when the Greek Gods company sent me coupons to try five of their flavors for free.

First up, I tried the Vanilla Orange Reduced Fat Greek Yogurt.  It was still very creamy for reduced fat and I really loved the flavor.  I have never tried orange flavored yogurt before,  but I’m a big fan of oranges so this was a winner for me.  (Vanilla Orange Greek Yogurt Nutrition Facts)

Next up was the Fig Greek Yogurt.  I really thought that this one was going to be my favorite  because I adore figs.  The fig flavor is on the bottom so you have to stir it in with the vanilla yogurt if you want the fig yogurt experience and not a fig jelly experience at the end.  I like this flavor but not as much as I thought I would.  This one only comes in full-fat. (Fig Greek Yogurt Nutrition Facts)

Honey was the next flavor I tried.  I really liked this flavor because I eat more honey than a bear.  This flavor is full-fat, if that’s your thing.  (Honey Greek Yogurt Nutrition Facts)

As much as I like yogurt with a little fat in it for the creaminess factor, I did choose to try the Non-fat Plain Greek Yogurt.  To be honest, this flavor was just okay.  It might taste just like every other Non-fat Greek yogurt, but since I’ve gotten  used to the 2% and full fat over the past few weeks, this flavor tasted like plain non-Greek yogurt to me.  It was still good with some strawberries.  Rather than top my yogurt with berries, I topped my berries with yogurt. 🙂 (Plain Non-fat Greek Yogurt Nutrition Facts)

The Pomegranate Greek Yogurt just my be my favorite in terms of flavor.  It’s rich and creamy and does not come in reduced fat.  I tried this one the first time I purchased Greek God’s Greek Yogurt so I was happy to “try” it again.

Overall, I really like the flavor of the Greek Gods Greek Yogurt, well maybe except for the non-fat plain.  That being said, there are a few things I am curious about.  For one, like I stated in a recent post about Greek yogurt, this particular brand has significantly less protein than some of the other well-known varieties like Chobani and Fage.  There is also quite a bit of sugar in the flavored yogurt.  Pomegranate has the least of the flavored varieties with 16 grams, while Vanilla Orange has the most with 23 grams. The Plain (not shown here but really delicious) has the least with 5 grams in a 6 oz. serving.

Another positive thing about the Greek Gods brand is that they all are gluten-free, including the flavored varieties.     Most plain yogurt are gluten-free, but flavored yogurt often are not, so this is definitely a plus if you have a sensitivity for gluten.  I don’t abstain from gluten but a lot of people do so it’s nice to know which brand is officially gluten-free.

I really appreciate the Greek Gods company for giving me the opportunity to try out their yogurt.   I’m always looking for a good deal, so I don’t have any real loyalties when it comes to Greek yogurt brand.  I will definitely purchase them again, but will probably stick to the plain for the most part and only choose the flavored when I need a treat.  I typically prefer plain yogurt because half the fun is adding it to other things or using fun toppings.


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  1. Yum I’ve never seen this brand but will have to keep an eye out for it at Earth Fare! I prefer full fat over the non fat b.c of the texture and love that they have an orange flavor!

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