My home away from home

I really love Brad’s parents house and I love spending time with them.  I’ve really lucked out as far as in-laws go and I do not take that for granted.

We arrived last night after midnight and someone force fed me a piece of homemade banana bread as soon as we arrived.  I swear.

This morning I woke up not extremely hungry, but per usual, Joy (Brad’s mom) had a well-stocked kitchen and I probably went a little overboard since the midnight snack was still sitting in my belly.

For breakfast I had two pieces of Ezekiel toast.  One was topped with PB and banana, the other with raspberry jam.  I also had two tiny plums for Brad’s parent’s property in Manteo, NC and some coffee.

I waited over an hour after breakfast to go running, but still felt overly full.  The run was slow starting out but after the first mile I felt a lot better and ended up pounding out a cool 7.13 in 1:07:13.

I love running here!  My favorite reason for running here is a toss-up between running along the water and the super flat terrain.  Beats Charlotte any day!

After my run, I set out with Joy to do some blueberry picking at their property about 1 1/2 miles North.  I always pass it on my run.

Blueberry picking soon turned to apple picking.

When I returned, this little guy was happy to see me.



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3 responses to “My home away from home

  1. Wherever you are it looks beautiful! Wish I could be there and not in the city this weekend. Meh. The water looks especially pretty!

    Blueberry picking is one of my most favorite things to do in summer. I love NY but man, I miss certain outdoor activities! Have an awesome holiday weekend!

  2. that is the most gorgeous view ever! i would love to run there, its so pretttty 🙂

  3. So much fun! I love running near the beach. Completely agree that it beats Charlotte 🙂

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