My week in salads

Do you know how to eat a lot of salads without getting bored?  You’ve got to mix it up and you’ve got to find things that keep you full but allow you to get in a lot of veggies – the whole point of eating a salad, right?

Looking back on foodie photos from the past week, I noticed that I have eaten a salad every single day during the 5-day work week.  But they have all been totally different and equally delicious. 🙂

Monday: Mixed greens + cucumbers + roasted rosemary chickpeas + feta + grape tomatoes + sliced carrots + honey and lemon juice as my dressing

Tuesday: Black bean burger on spinach, feta, red peppers, pepperonicinis, and cucumbers at Big Daddy’s Burger Bar with balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Wednesday: More roasted rosemary chickpeas, but this time on salad of roasted broccoli, bit of feta and bit of mozzarella, and roasted red peppers.  This was a warm salad and didn’t need any dressing.

Thursday (I also ate this for lunch on Tuesday): Mixed greens with grilled corn (removed from the cob), black beans, avocado, and salsa.

Friday: Whole Foods salad bar masterpiece eaten in the car on the drive out to Currituck to spend July 4th with Brad’s family. It would take all day to say what was in this, but the highlights are: two kinds of tofu, artichoke hearts, feta (the theme of the week), and lots of other delicious vegetables, plus a couple bites of grain salads.

If you use a lot of variety and try new things, how could you ever get tired of salads? 🙂


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