All of last night’s eats were recorded, but never made it over to the blog.  Then in my frenzy this morning while trying unsuccessfully to be on time, I left my camera cord at home and my socks for running this afternoon.

So these photos are brought to you by the iPhone…not the new one…and not the one before that either…the iPhone three releases ago, which was freshly laundered in the washing machine about a year ago and still works.  Yet, I’ve managed to break two iPods in a 2 1/2 year period.   Go figure.

I’m going to skip ahead and share lunch and onward.  But this morning’s breakfast will definitely make it on here at some point, because it was just too darn pretty to go unmentioned.

Lunch was thrown together quickly by Brad.  I helped a little too.

Nothing you haven’t seen before.   Brie and jam on toast with carrots, celery, and humus on the side.

The money shot.  Has anyone else noticed that I’ve been eating jam 2-3 x a day?  I need to have a jam-free day because I think I’m overdoing it.  I just found jam on the side of my iPhone.  But you’ll be proud of me for restraining myself from licking my phone.   I scratched it off with my finger instead.

Even though I was extremely hungry after lunch, I tried another Flavor and Fiber bar.  This one was really orangey.   I love orange and this bar tasted like real oranges, not fake orange flavor.  The flavor is not subtle, so if you are on the fence about oranges, this is not for you.  I’m wondering if the orange flavor is from orange juice since it is “100% fruit juice sweetened”  but it has no Vitamin C.  Hmmmmm.

And just to continue with eating things I wanted, but wasn’t necessarily hungry for…


I promise that I will eat and cook more interesting things, very soon.  There just hasn’t been enough time in my days lately.  Lucky for me I have a lot of interesting things coming up starting after work today

1.  Today – Blogger run/walk meetup

2. Tonight – Hanging out at Common Market to catch up with friends

3. Friday for lunch – Appetizer tasting for my wedding reception at Byron’s South End

4. Friday for dinner – Cooking for Brad, his mom, and grandmother Dinner at a favorite, Customshop, with my soon-to-be mother-in-law and grandma-in-law + Brad

5.  Saturday for lunch – My aunt is throwing me a bridal shower at Chantilly’s Tea Room! 🙂

6.  Saturday for dinner – It’s restaurant week in Charlotte!  We’re trying out Fiamma!

Happy Thursday!


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5 responses to “Jammin’

  1. Need any help with the appetizer tasting tomorrow??

  2. This morning, Mom suggested taking us out to dinner. She said she didn’t want to burden you with cooking. I said it wasn’t a burden, but she persisted. Now you get to choose another restaurant week locale!

  3. Sounds like some yummy eats are headed your way this weekend, Kelly 🙂 And I always get peanut butter and jam all over everything.

  4. wow, look at all that great food and fun coming your way! restaurant week sounds AWESOME 🙂

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