Two foodies in a pod

Recently Brad emailed me this article CNN Eatocracy article about Foodie Friendships.  It is a really interesting read and the author went to UNC-Chapel Hill (like me!).  In the article, the author discusses how she met a good friend at a class at UNC, where they bonded over their love of delicious food.

The article got me thinking about why I have  become such good friends with certain people.  And it is true that I often bond with people who enjoy delicious foods and trying new cuisines.  I definitely believe this was a bond for Brad and I.  Our first date was at a tapas restaurant with a bunch of other mutual friends.  Although no one else really shared their food, Brad and I had a great time getting to know each other and tasting each others food.

We have had so many great memories together that go hand-in-hand with a special meal I made or a really unique restaurant we visited.  In fact, I would have never started cooking quite so much had it not been for Brad’s encouragement or the way he happily ate everything I made and made me feel like it was the best-tasting thing in the world.

Friendships are no different.  When you find someone as adventurous about their dining and as appreciative of the quality of food set before them as you are, there is definitely a connection there that allows you to bond over  your mutual interest.  I guess it is this way with all interests, whether that be running, movies, reading, traveling, etc.  But what other interest is also a necessity of life in that you have to engage in it several times a day?  What other interest is considered more beneficial to participate with another person rather than by yourself?  (google “eat together” and “eat alone” if you don’t believe me on this one).  And what other interest encourages you to sit across a table from someone and engage in conversation…okay, besides boardgames.  You can’t say, “wait, I’m thinking,” then leave your dinner companion hanging for five minutes when you’re sharing a meal.

Food is such a culturally rich thing that brings people together and opens us up to new ways of life.  Food is a commonality; a  nourishing thing that we all require.   But finding someone who sees food the way you see it, is a rare beauty.    I feel so lucky to have this rarity in my own life.


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  1. We do love to eat babe. We sure do.

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