Busy busy wedding stuff

After a breakfast this morning, Brad and I set out to go to pre-marital counseling at my parent’s church.  Their pastor is our wedding officiant.  It went really well and we went over all the details of the wedding, which will hopefully help me order programs sometime this week.  Rascal was dropped off at my aunt’s house nearby so he could have some play time with their Jack Russell named Prancer.  Brad and I call her Pinky because of a pink dot on her nose and her speckled pink tummy.

After picking Rascal up and dropping him off by the house, we headed over to Byron’s South End, our reception site and the site Best Impression Caterers who are catering and hosting our wedding reception.  We were both ravenously hungry (breakfast usually only holds me over for about four hours), so Brad brought out PB & J bread to snack on.

Lovely photo, no?

The plan was to do an hor d’oeuvre tasting at Byron’s because we were not quite sure how to narrow down our choices to three.  But the lovely people at Byron’s decided to let us taste our entrees as well. 🙂

First up, the hor d’oeuvres…

From the top left corner, clockwise: spinach artichoke crostini, crab cake, bruschetta, filet crostini.  Guess which we picked. 🙂

Next up was salmon in a tarragon cream sauce.  To be honest, I don’t love tarragon.  We’re not good friends.  I choke it down when it is served to me, but never buy it myself.  I thought I was going to be telling Byron’s that we had to come up with some other kind of herb in the sauce.  But surprisingly, I couldn’t taste the tarragon at all.  It was delicious.  I was actually so excited about the salmon, which I often am, that I forgot to take a photo.  You guys know what salmon looks like.  It was served with a mixed medley of carrots, zuchinni, and squash.

Next up was chicken Florentine.

Honestly anything with spinach and cheese is delicious.  The presentation here was not Best Impression’s fault.  They served the dish beautifully and then Brad and I served ourselves quite sloppily.  I ate every bite.

I’m pretty sure there was butter  in something I ate, because I feel a little lethargic now.

Rascal says that he feels pretty lethargic too and he only wishes it was because there was butter in his food.

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