Movie date

Brad and i spent Sunday afternoon at the mall, looking for various things we needed and exchanging a few things I did not need.  I could have spent at least another hour at the mall, but we really wanted to see Inception at a 3:40 pm showtime.

During the movie I steered clear of the candy and popcorn and happily munched on this Lara Bar.  Yum!  I could totally make this version.  The ingredients are so simple.

Guys, Inception was really good and really thought provoking.  Brad and I always try to figure out the movie plots before they really let you in on them.  So we kept whispering to each other throughout the movie, guessing what was going to happen next.  For the most part, we were correct.  We like to think we’re smart, but maybe you guys figured it out too.

It was nice to go on a little movie date in the middle of the afternoon.  I don’t know what it is about movies, but I always think of going to the movies with Brad as a “date”, probably because when I was in high school, there was nothing else to do on dates but go to the movies or hang out with other people.

After our movie date, Brad and I stopped by TJ’s to grab some things we needed and probably some things we did not.  I have GOT to curb my grocery shopping 1- because it’s expensive and I don’t know why I’m so spoiled about having an over-stocked kitchen at my finger tips, and 2- because we’re going on a honeymoon in a few weeks and if I keep this up we’re going to have  a lot of wasted food.  We organized the cabinets this morning to make room for our new dishes and serving ware.  While doing this I noticed that my “baking” cabinet (where I keep all my flours, sugars, and such) is out of control.  I should start making bread with three different flours just to use up the ridiculous amount of ingredients I have in my kitchen.

For dinner Brad made chicken soft tacos with corn tortillas; chicken sauteed in McCormick’s taco seasoning; salsa from TJ’s; Greek yogurt; sauteed corn, peppers, and onions; a little bit of New Zealand grass-fed cheddar; and avocado.  If this taco looks difficult to close, it totally was.  I attempted to bring the sides together, but ended up eating half of the filling with a fork and making a big mess.

Dinner was light, but don’t let me fool you.  I sampled cheese and pasta salad at TJ’s, had a bit more cheese while Brad was throwing dinner together, and then ate most of the icing off a cupcake.  Brad likes cake and I like icing…he’s my perfect match. 😉

I couldn’t say no to the tiramisu I brought home last night.  I put about half in a tiny little ramekin and Brad had the rest.  Now I’m off to finish packing the rest of my lunch and getting ready for the start of the work week.

Updated: Brad and I may have finished off our second cupcake right before bed with milk meaning he had most of the cake and I had most of the icing.  Too much sugar before bed perhaps?  Tomorrow might be “Nothin’ but Natural Sugar Monday”.  Tuesday too.  I need a sugar detox.

Weekend, I’m so sad to see you go!


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