Secret Ingredient

Is that protein ice cream?

No, it is not.  But I’ve got to try some of that after seeing it mentioned on some umpteen thousand blogs.

They what is it?  What could be that ice cream-like?

(Look at my new Pottery Barn coffee mugs!  Courtesy of my bridal shower last Saturday).

It’s actually a Smoothie in a Bowl, which I have made many a time using xanthan gum to thicken.  Well this version does not have any xanthan gum.  And do you know why?

It’s because of my secret thickening ingredient…

Frozen spinach!

You know how using frozen fruit in smoothies makes a world of difference in how thick your smoothie is versus when you use fresh fruit.  Well Brad decided to purchase frozen spinach rather than fresh spinach because it is cheaper.  We go through spinach like it ain’t no thang.

Besides this bag of spinach being a $1, versus the $2.70 bag of organic fresh spinach, it made my smoothie so thick!  It was like eating slightly melted ice cream.

I topped it with my homemade granola, which I am giving two thumbs up, and the combination was sooo delicious.  For some reason I thought I had an early morning meeting, so I wolfed this down to make it to work on time giving myself an “ice cream” headache.

It was totally worth it!

Do you have any “secret” ingredients for smoothies or otherwise that you want to come clean about?


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