Fancy grilled cheese

Snacky McSnacky followed me home and made me eat…


Flax Optimum Power cereal + 1/2 banana and almond milk.


an un-pictured large handful of pretzels and the rest of the humus.

It’s kind of difficult for me to come home at 6:30 pm and not eat a meal, so sometimes I end up over-snacking.  I think it all balances out though because then I end up having a super small dinner as you will soon see.

Next, I worked on my fitness.  🙂

I ran 30 minutes on the treadmill where I pushed myself fairly hard.

Program: Hills Level 3 – meaning that the treadmill fluctuates between an incline of 0-2.6

Minutes     Speed

0-3               6.0

3-5               6.2

5-10            6.4

10-15          6.6

15-20          6.8

20-25          7.0

25-26           7.2

26-27           7.4

27-29           7.6 (I zoned out for a minute there and forgot to increase my speed)

29-30           8.0

Next I did 30 Day Shred Level 3.

I was a sweaty mess after all that, so I jumped in the shower, and got to dinner.

Dinner was simple but delicious.

I sampled and purchased this Cotswold at Earth Fare last weekend and immediately though Fancy Grilled Cheese!  I love the onion and chive flavor.  Plus Gloucester is very rich and creamy, which is perfect for a fancy sandwich.  🙂

Grilled with a light coating of olive oil between two pieces of Ezekiel sprouted bread with thinly sliced tomatoes.  This grilled cheese was more than fancy, it was delicious.  Brad’s words were, “Man, this is good!”

His and hers:

Served with TJ’s Organic Tomato Bisque.

I’m sure canned soups aren’t as healthy as homemade but I’ve looked at the ingredients in TJ’s soups versus other canned soups and they are pretty superior over typical canned soups; right up there with Amy’s Organics and the more pricey organic brands.  Plus they’re so yummy.  I definitely ate my share last winter.

I wasn’t very hungry from my extra afternoon snacks so I kept it light tonight.  Half a sandwich and half a can of soup was just right.

Brad is still working on my blog’s new look.  I can’t wait to show it to everyone soon!

Sweet dreams and I’ll catch you for my favorite meal in the morning. 🙂



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2 responses to “Fancy grilled cheese

  1. You’ve got me craaaaaving grilled cheese! I ate that practically everyday as an after school snack 🙂

    I love your red and white placemat below as well as the ketchup shirt!

  2. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I’m so glad I was able to connect with you through the fitblog chat last night. I know I will be stopping in here more. 😉

    And grilled cheese + tomato is a fave combo of mine right now. Good job on that run.

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