Snacky McSnacky

Lunch was so delicious.  One of my coworkers told me he was jealous.

I brought a generous amount of arugula with a bit of avocado in one container.  In another I brought a leftover black bean burger, which was possibly better the next day, and leftover roasted corn and sauteed peppers and onions in another container.  I wanted to heat up the food in this second container, which is why I packed them separately.

I ate it with a bit of my leftover tomato Vidalia dressing.  Cherries on the side made this meal complete.

But about two hours later I got kind of snacky and fell in love with one of the new Lara bars.

The PB chocolate chip is the only new one I have found and it is so peanutbuttery.  I don’t mind the somewhat overpowering taste of dates you get in most of their bars, but this was a nice change.  Dare I say better than the coconut cream pie bar?  I think I need a double blind test to make that official.

Then, about an hour later, one of my coworkers came and got me for an ice cream social we have each year to raise money for the United Way.  Well, who can say no to a good cause?

I give you my artistic interpretation of cookies and cream ice cream.  One scoop, in a bowl.  Of course, I didn’t snap a photo in front of all of my coworkers.  That would be weird.  Right?

Much more weird than drawing a picture of a scoop of ice cream in Paint.



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2 responses to “Snacky McSnacky

  1. You are by far the best Microsoft Paint artist I have ever had the privilege to be engaged to. We should frame it for the bedroom.

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