Fun with the English…

muffins, that is.

On Sunday I dressed up an English muffin with two different types of toppings.  Today I took a stab at it again.

One side had about 1/2 Tbsp. of Ab + banana, the other had Greek yogurt, blueberry jam, and blueberries.  My third form of protein was an egg fluff.  I love variety in a meal!

Up close…

I guess  I could do the same thing with toast; I don’t know why I find it more exciting with English Muffins.

After letting my breakfast settle, drinking some water, and doing some work (I’m working form home today:)!), I set out for a six miler.  This was my first run outside since Saturday and boy was it hot.  It was only about 8:30, but the humidity is killer in Charlotte right now.

I finished 6.01 miles about 54:23 which is just slightly over 9 minute miles.  I don’t know if I trust Garmin in the Uptown.  I think sometimes the buildings get in the way.  For one, it takes forever to load the satellites so it knows where I am, and thus how fast I’m going.  When I was on my way back and took a street between two skyscrapers, I looked down quickly at my Garmin, which said I was going 2.7 miles per hours…I was running…and obviously at least at a ten minute mile pace.  So, sometimes I wonder if it loses satellite reception when I am in Uptown, so I am actually running a bit faster and probably further as well.

I returned home disgustingly sweaty to find this little guy waiting on me.  He loves it when I work from home. 🙂

After a quick and much needed shower, I decided to try juicing for the first time ever.  I kind of winged it basing the ingredients on what I had seen on other blogs.

1/3 of a gigantic beet + 1/2 lemon + 1 1/2 carrots + 1 Bartlett pear +1/3 English cucumber

To be honest, I’m not really digging this right now.  It’s too thick and un-juice like.  I think it needs ice.  I added some after I blended it, but I think it needs ice blended directly into it to water it down some.  I’m up for trying this again, I’m just not sure if I’m going to be able to finish this one.

I’m so not hardcore, but I’m trying. 😉

Anybody have any good juice recipes for newbies?  This may have been too intense for my first try.

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