Catching up on yesterday

I didn’t blog at all yesterday so I’m still playing catch-up.

Lunch was with coworkers at a Japanese restaurant in Hickory.  Sushi was on the menu, which is why we went, but the sushi chef did not come in until 12:15 pm.  We arrived at 11:45 am.  Fail.

I wasn’t really feeling a pound of hibachi chicken and rice so I ordered the seafood soup with a side of veggies.

There’s no photo because I was with coworkers, but it wasn’t that exciting anyway.  My soup was tiny and had three pieces of seafood: one shrimp, one scallop, one piece of imitation crab.  I use the term “seafood” loosely.  Me vegetables were a nice surprise in that it was a pretty large portion, albeit sauteed in quite a bit of oil.  My fortune cookie said “You are working hard.”  What kind of fortune is that?

I had the Key Lime Pie Lara bar for a snack.  No photo again since I was working from a coworkers house.  But this is what it looked like sans the display of ingredients.

Someone at work mentioned ice cream, so I had cold and sweet on the brain when thinking about dinner.  I had a quick strawberry chocolate SIAB with homemade granola.

Brad and I then decided to go grab a glass of wine at this newer place on Tryon St.  called the Wooden Vine.  Lucky us, we got there right at the beginning of a wine tasting of Tuscan wines, which we happily joined.

We had a great time trying the wines and talking to our wine guide, since we’ll be in Tuscany in just over two weeks (!!!) for our honeymoon.

We also had this delicious spread set before us.

My plate + some fruit and about 2 more pieces of cheese.

Chianti Classico

Eventually some friends joined us and we had a nice evening talking with them.  I ended the night with a snack before bed.  Turning in a little later always makes me hungry.  My snack of choice was pretzels and Laughing Cow.


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4 responses to “Catching up on yesterday

  1. 2 weeks…thats insane! you look like you’ve got it all under control and you look fabulous at the same time… i know if it was me, i’d be spazzing out all over the place 😛

  2. Sounds like a great evening. Plus cheese and wine are the perfect way to top off a night. Sorry the “seafood” soup was such a let down. I hate when that happens.

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