Pain = good workout?

I woke up this morning surprisingly not sore.  Did I do something wrong?

It’s not that I want to be in pain.  But when you run 10 miles, you want it to hurt a little afterwords so you know you had a good workout.  Let’s not kids ourselves here, running on a treadmill is not as challenging as running outside.  There’s much less friction and unless you increase the incline, you’re not experience any terrain changes.  I once read that a .05 incline is a good way to create a more realistic run, which is what I did last night.  Now, I’m not so sure it was enough.  It’s not that my 10 miles were easy, it was hard to stay on the treadmill that long.   I’m just not sure how hard it was physically besides the pain I caused myself by overeating beforehand, as opposed to the mental strain of 1 1/2 hours on a treadmill.

Any advice from long distance runners would be much appreciated.

Let’s move on to breakfast, shall we? After being skeptical of the whole overnight oats thing, I’m really liking them now.

This morning’s overnight oats had:

1/3 cup rolled oats

1/3 cup 2% Greek yogurt

1/3 cup light coconut milk

1/2 banana

small handful of unsweetened shredded coconut

1 Tbsp. AB

1 Tbsp. raspberry jam

So yummy.  I loved the flavor the coconut milk gave to the oats.  Often things that you eat with coconut are so sweet, but this was only sweetened by the bananas and jam, so the coconut flavor was more apparent and I loved it.

Not much on the agenda today, but I do have a fun run planned tonight with ladies you’ve probably seen before.  Crossing my fingers that another thunderstorm doesn’t rain out our plans.



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2 responses to “Pain = good workout?

  1. Jen

    Running is a funny thing. Sometimes Ill be sore the day after a 10 miler but feel fine the day after a 12 miler. I don’t think soreness is necessarily a good indicator of how hard you worked. I’m sometimes not even sore after half marathons. Tired yes, but not sore. Maybe you’re just getting in better shape? 🙂
    And an incline of 1.0 is closer to realistic conditions just so you know for next time. Ill look for the article from Runner’s World that says that.

    • Thanks Jen! I can’t believe I’m almost in half marathon condition after only a few weeks. I think I am in better shape this time around. Don’t worry about looking for an article, I trust what you say about the incline. I’ll definitely try the 1.0 next time.

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