Just call us the welcome wagon

This afternoon, Diana hosted a Welcome to Charlotte brunch for Katie, another food blogger who just moved into the area.  I volunteered to bring something easy because I knew that with my bridesmaid luncheon and wedding preparation activities on Saturday, I would not be able to fit in baking of any kind.

I stopped by TJ’s to grab some orange juice, champagne, pomegranate juice, and sparkling water at 11:45 am, only to be reminded by the “No alcohol yet” signs that NC has the lovely “no alcohol until 12 pm on Sunday” rules.  Apparently skipping church is bad, but skipping church and drinking is doubly sinful.  I actually made it to church and TJ’s just in time to be inconvenienced.

As a result, we showed up late to Diana’s, but not too late.

I immediately made friend with her super cute and friendly Corgy, Bailey.  He’s such a good boy.

The spread was incredible.

After chatting a while we helped ourselves.

Katie’s breakfast quinoa…and the recipe….

I definitely have to make this.  I love quinoa.

We make all new Charlotte food/health/fitness bloggers pose with their food.  Just kidding.  Only if their food is delicious. 🙂

My plate: veggie and cheese flatbread, bite-size broccoli cheddar quiche, green monster muffins, chickpeas, melon cubes, Katie’s breakfast quinoa.  Diana made almost all of the food and it was so delicious!

I had sparkling water with OJ.  After my headache last night, I was in no rush to give my head any excuse to hurt again.

Katie, Brittney, Katy (visiting from Orlando), Caitlin, Diana!

There was also plenty of hilarious YouTube video watching.  We watched my favorites “Rusty the Narcoleptic Daschund” and “Charlie Bit Me!”.  We also watched some hilarious Corgy videos and one about a crazy goat that sounded like he was screaming “What?” like a person.  YouTube can easily entertain a group of people for hours on end.

Finally, we cut into Brittney’s gorgeous blueberry pie (recipe here).

Brad and I split this piece, but accidentally stuffed our face had two bites before I snapped a photo.

We had a great time at Diana’s.  She was such a great host.

If you’re a food/health & fitness blogger, you should move here.  We’re a fun bunch. 🙂



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