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What I’ve Been Up To Lately

Relishing every moment with this precious boy. He’s sitting up all by himself better and better each day.


A new client gro (lower case) just held its grand opening. It’s located in Matthews, just beside the Siskey Y. I seriously wish it was closer. I could eat their quinoa bowl with chicken or steak every. single. day.

Oh yeah, it’s a Greek restaurant, and it’s sleek, modern, and healthy. They make their own Greek yogurt and I am in love with their PB&J grōgurt.


One of my favorite things about nice weather is walking to dinner on a random weekday night.

We put Elliott in his stroller recently and walked to 131 Main where I almost always order their Thai Steak Salad. I love a good cold noodle dish and this is one of my favorites. However, I always forget to order the dressing on the side. They can be a little heavy-handed.


I absolutely adore this photo of Elliott and my brother, Wess. We went
To Cabo Fish Taco a few weekends ago to celebrate my sister in-law’s birthday. It’s always so much fun to get together, especially now that babies are in the mix. That’s me in the background of the photo holding my nephew Grayson.

Unfortunately, this little family outing resulted in all of is getting sick with this awful stomach bug that has been going around. Elliott had it for three days and he was so pitiful. Luckily,
I felt off all that week but never had a full fledged version of it. I don’t know how a sick mother takes care of a sick baby. Thank goodness, we’re all better now.


I went to my first Mardi Gras party a few weekends ago.

We took the opportunity of a night out to also go to dinner at one of our favorite places, Customshop. All of their pasta is so incredible!


Something I’ve been meaning to blog about for a while is baby food. Elliott has been eating purées since he was four months old. I absolutely love making his food. It’s so incredibly easy. Pictures above is what I can bananacado — banana and avocado, which is one of his favorites.



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