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I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus here for the past two days.  Work is all-consuming and when I have plans with friends in the evening I have learned that this leaves me little or no time to blog about my eats.  This is probably going to be a pattern from Thursdays and most Fridays as well.

Thursday morning breakfast was pumpkin almond butter yogurt.

Punk'n PB Oats

I made it with TJ’s organic french vanilla yogurt.  I love Greek the most, but pumpkin is completely un-sweet so it really needs something to counterbalance that.  Of course it was packaged in plastic for the ride to work.

Salad and snacks

Lunch and snacks were just so-so…nothing to be excited about, which might have the underlying root of the problem I had on Thursday, which involved finishing off my Halloween candy bowl.  Snacks were an apple and nut mix, 2 kiwis and a light string cheese, and for lunch a salad with shrimp, avocado, spinach, and cherry heirloom tomatoes.  For some reason, salads always are delicious at home, but just taste kind of bland at work.  I have no idea why – this should have been a great salad in theory, but for some reason just didn’t work for me that day.  In lieu of the 6-7 Mars minis I had, I forgoed the kiwi, but that was the only thing I skipped.

Thursday nights are always really fun.  That is the night I run with my running group.  It is a really large group of people (we usually average anywhere from 35  people on a slow night to 50 on a good night).  They are really into themed runs and this week was the Halloween run.  Costumes were anywhere from low-key (like mine) to completely outrageous (like the guy who had stuffed cats attached all over him to look like he was being attacked by them) as you can see below…

Halloween Run

Our run always begins and ends at this little eclectic market called The Common Market.  After the four mile run, which includes some killer hills, we hang out there, grab a beer, and maybe a sandwich.

Halloween Run


From this picture of Brad and I (who didn’t have time to come up with a costume), you might thing I went as a devil.  But you are wrong… (Please note that all but two of the bottles on the table were left there by previous patrons. 🙂 )

Brad and I after the run

I was actually a devilled egg!

Pilot and a Deviled Egg

My yoke was looking a bit tattered by this point.  My friend Brittany pictured here with me, was a pilot.  She actually was Pilot Sully Sullenburger, which you can see is on her photo ID if you look closely. Josie, however, was indeed a devil.

Two devils

As for my eats this evening…I had a huge snack when I got home consisting of a banana, lots of PB, half a pita, and a small ramekin of cereal.  I was out of control.  Then when I got home, the sweet tooth had not subsided and I had one more piece of gingerbread with a bit of frozen yogurt blend.  At running group I had two beers, the Blue Moon winter seasonal and some other domestic light beer (can’t remember now)…not a very balanced evening for food.

Thursdays are one of my favorite nights of the week because of the really fun people we run with and also because of the accountability of the running group.  I know people are expecting me to be there, just as I expect them to be there, so it is something I never back out of, unless I have a really good reason.  Sometimes I prefer to work out by myself, but there’s just something about working out with other people who makes fitness more fun.

What about you, do you enjoy exercising in a big group or with one other person?  Which do you do most of the time?


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