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Un-chicken fried rice

The hunger monster struck before lunch time today so I reached in my lunch bag and grabbed this pear.¬† I know I was hungry because this went way beyond the “apple test” – I like apples way more than pears. ūüėČ

When you don’t have a pretty place mat, a pretty notepad will do.

Lunch was my un-chicken fried rice.¬† It’s kind of like having an un-birthday.¬† Just like when it’s your un-birthday it isn’t your birthday, in un-chicken fried rice, there is no chicken, no rice, and it isn’t fried.

Then what’s in it?

– 1/2 cup cooked quinoa (cooked in 1 cup veggie broth)

– roasted sliced carrot and 1/2 cup edamame

– 1 egg white, chopped

– couple of splashes of Bragg’s amino acids

So, why is it un-chicken fried rice?  Because it incorporates all the things I love about chicken fried rice, except it definitely takes it up a few notches on the nutrition scale.

I added a small plate of honey dew that a coworker brought in.  The universe was looking out for me since I ate my pear intended for lunch around 9:30 am.

Snack time was enjoyed (sans earrings) with cottage cheese and Kashi crackers.¬† I love these earrings but they’re just too heavy for long-wear.¬† They always end up on my desk by the end of the day.

The weather for tonight’s run isn’t looking so hot.¬† ūüė¶¬† Boo thunderstorms.¬† They’re messing up my training.



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Learning the hard way

My snacking was out of control today. Around 9:30 I got hungry. ¬†As I type this I realize why. ¬†See, I usually get up at 5:30 (if I don’t work out) and eat at about 6:30, then I want lunch around 11 am. ¬†This morning I got up at 5 and ate immediately. ¬†Then right on schedule, 4 1/2 hours later, I was hungry. ¬†Oooooh. ¬†Sometimes writing out things leads you to logic.

Anyway…I did the “am I hungry enough to eat any apple?” trick, and I was. ¬†Luckily for me I also had an apple with me.

I love it when apples still have a little leaf on their stem. ¬†I don’t know why, but I do.

Then immediately after, I found myself reaching for my pretzels and the TJ’s white bean dip that I really don’t like but I’m making myself eat, because I don’t like waste.

I also had the liquid of death. ¬†Somehow the big red heart on it makes it seem likes it’s alright. ¬†I don’t know why I wanted this, I haven’t had one in weeks. ¬†Oh well. ¬†I actually spent a good five minutes putting my change in the drink machine over and over only to have it spit back out on me. ¬†You think I would have gotten the hint.

Unfortunately I didn’t and used one of my quarters to get a small handful of M&Ms. ¬†You know those machines that put out about 12 M&Ms at a time that look like they’re from the 1950’s because they are? ¬†Yes, we have those at my work. Afterwards I raided the stash of caffeine free Diet Cokes we keep in the office mini fridge that only cost a quarter. ¬†But for some reason I really wanted that caffeine.

Lunch was a farewell to our two interns at the Olive Garden. ¬†I had the soup and salad: about 1/3 the size of one of my normal salads + 1 1/2 bowls of minestrone soup, un-pictured of course because I haven’t yet embraced the role of “our weird coworker who photographs her food like it’s her newborn straight from the hospital.”

I get brownie points for not touching a bread stick. ¬†The truth is, if I had wanted one I would have eaten at least 1/2 of one, but I just didn’t, especially after my snacky morning.

Since I ate my afternoon snack, I didn’t eat anything between lunch and arriving home. ¬†I stopped by my aunt’s house to pick up Rascal who likes to go over there while I’m at work to play with their Jack Russell and also to go over wedding cake details (my aunt makes the most amazing cakes!). ¬†I made it through one of the worst thunderstorms I have seen in a long time.

I have mentioned that I was a little disappointed that I never did a 10 miler this weekend.  All day I had been mulling over doing it tonight.  The gigantic bolts of lightening shooting across the sky led me to believe that God did not want me to run outside, so I thought about the treadmill.

I seriously hate the treadmill.

I’ts perfectly fine for a 3-6 mile run, but anything over than that and I would just as assume beat my head against the wall. ¬†I’m kidding….well, kind of. ¬†There’s just something about the redundancy of staring off into space with no change in scenery that makes me hate ¬†it so.

But, I felt a little more motivated tonight. ¬†One hurdle: I was starving. ¬†My stomach was audibly growling in the hollow empty way it does when I’ve gone too long without eating.

So, I had one of these: my sunflower coconut bars. ¬†Then, I still felt hungry so I had another one about 2/3 the size of this one with the same sunflower seed butter and raspberry jam topping. ¬†Finally full, but not overly so, I put on my running shoes and headed down to my condo’s gym.

About 1/2 a mile in, I felt completely different.  I immediately regretted that second bar.  Between the monotony of the treadmill and the second bar laying in my stomach like a brick, miles 1-4 were the most difficult.  After I reached mile 5 I felt completely better.  I got a second wind, I digested the brick in my stomach, and I got a little more interested in reading the captions on Hells Kitchen.  Side note: Does anyone else think Ben is a turd?

The last four miles were great surprisingly. ¬†I got a little sore starting on mile 8, but nothing I couldn’t get through. ¬†Even though I know deep down that running on a treadmill isn’t as physically difficult as running on real terrain, the mental hurdle is huge for me. ¬†It’s actually a great relief that I can pound out 10 miles on a treadmill because I know how if I train for longer distances and 10 miles is more of a “medium-sized” run length, I won’t die if I have to run on the treadmill because of the weather.

But in other news, I’m still learning what and how much to eat. ¬†My eating choice was perfect for what I was about to do, but the quantity was not. ¬†If I didn’t run after eating this, I would have never felt overly full, but because I did run, the amount of food affected the way that I felt. ¬†As a rule of thumb I’m going to try to eat until just before I’m full (full meaning I fell pleasantly satisfied). ¬†As I feel out these long run days that I can’t knock out in the morning, I’m going to start carrying more food with me to fuel my run in advance;¬† not right before my run. ¬†I didn’t leave myself enough time to digest.

I didn’t even feel like eating an hour after my run which is highly unusual. ¬†This may be something else I regret, if my growling stomach wakes me up in the middle of the night. ¬†Instead, I had about 1/2 cup of orange juice + a good bit of salt + water filling the rest of the glass and a little bit of Stevia for taste.

I’m learning the hard way, but I think this blog is a great tool to document these lessons learned for myself (because I usually need a reminder of what I’ve “learned”) and for anyone else in my same boat.

How do you fuel before a long run or other strenuous activity?  What about training for any fitness goal have you had to learn the hard way?


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Protein-packed afternoon

Sometimes I look back on my day and think, “I am seriously lacking in the protein department.”¬† Today was not that day, thanks to leftover salmon from last night.

My recipe I posted for Orange-y Salmon and Noodles only needed two salmon fillets, so I had a third for my lunch today.

In the mix: 1 salmon fillet, arugula, hearts of palm, lots of cukes, roasted red peppers (I prefer roasted over raw), feta, red and green onion. Plus a plum on the side and the last of my tomato vidalia dressing.

Now that is a good looking salad.

Snack was pretty protein-packed too.

This assembly line of goodness featured the last of my Greek Gods yogurt, baked pears (i.e. nuked in the microwave pears) and my homemade cranberry flax granola.

Plans for after work include dropping off my vases for my reception tables at my wedding director’s house, squeezing in a bit of cardio (maybe?), and fun dinner plans with Charlotte bloggers.

We’ve seen quite a bit of each other lately.

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Domestic Sunday

I hate housework during the week when I’m rushed and don’t have time to wash and fold clothes in addition to cook dinner, pack my lunch, exercise, etc. ¬†BUT, I almost like housework on the weekends when I have no where to be and no obligations.

The laundry at my house has become out of control in the past two weeks. ¬†I’ve washed clothes, but have had absolutely no time to fold any. ¬†Because I have run out of places to stash the unfolded clean clothes, the dirty clothes were starting to pile up as well, since my dryer was my last stashing location. Wow, this sounds worse as I type it.

Today I planned on spending a good portion of the day getting the laundry back in order.

Back from our long walk, I showered and made a quick lunch of  leftover salsas from last night.

My salad was a base of arugula with both the black bean corn salsa and the mango salsa, plus avocado, a big dollop of Greek yogurt, and some green onion.  I had some tortilla chips on the side plus about four more I snacked on while making lunch.

Just in case you’re wondering the ingredients of the salsas are…

Black bean/corn salsa

1 can of black beans, drained and rinsed

1/2 bag frozen corn (thawed or nuked for a minute or two)

1 large beefcake tomato or 2-3 small on the vine tomatoes

1/3 cup chopped cilantro

juice of 1 lemon

salt to taste

Mango Salsa

1 mango sliced

1 red bell pepper chopped

1/2 large red onion finely chopped

1/4 cup finely chopped cilantro

juice of 1/2 lemon

salt to taste

I also had some cherries and strawberries in my new Pottery Barn snack bowls, courtesy of my brother and sister-in-law. ūüôā

I then got started with my laundry chores by starting a new load of laundry, but somehow got distracted from folding by the kitchen.  It was calling my name, I swear.

First up, my homemade granola. ¬†I followed the exact same directions as last week. ¬†It’s kinda scary that we went through that much granola so quickly. ¬†It was mainly me, although Brad did have some as well when I showed him how tasty it is on a SIAB. ¬†I love this recipe and I might change some of the ingredients in the future just to mix it up, but the base of oats, flax seed mill, and applesauce will be the same. ¬†It’s just so good.

Next up, I started on a little baking experiment that turned out edible, but not as good as I hoped.

Sunflower Seed Coconut Bars

1 cup spelt flour

1 cup oat bran

1/4 cup tapioca flour

1 cup light coconut juice

1/2 cup apple sauce

1/2 cup sunflower seeds

1/4 cup sunflower seed butter

1/3 cup unsweetened coconut

3/4 tsp. salt

8 tiny spoonfuls of stevia

1/8 cup agave

Honey for drizzling

more sunflower seeds and coconut for sprinkling on the top

Mix all the ingredients together except the last two. ¬†(I know, I’m a bad baker for not doing wet ingredients separately from the dry ingredients.) Spread evenly in a square glass pan lined with wax paper. ¬†Sprinkle lightly with coconut and sunflower seeds. ¬†Bake on 350 degrees Farenheit for 35 minutes. ¬†Allow to cool, then drizzle with honey and cut into 16 squares.

I’m always worried when I post about Stevia, that someone is not going to understand what I mean by tiny spoonfuls, resulting in a baking disaster.

This is the kind of Stevia I use. ¬†It’s from TJ’s and has a super tiny spoon. ¬†The container is about the size of a salt shaker. ¬†The spoon is about the size of my pinky and I have child hands.

Even with all the sweetner, it wasn’t enough. ¬†These bars had a good flavor but the sweetness was definitely lacking. ¬†If it’s not dessert, I don’t want food to be too sweet. ¬†I don’t think I’ve gotten the knack for baking with Stevia yet. ¬†I’m just never sure how much to add. ¬†I want to try these again but I think I would add more sunflower seed butter and maybe 1/4 cup brown sugar. ¬†I ran out of agave so maybe if I had added 1/4 cup instead of an 1/8, it would have turned out better. ¬†More coconut would probably improve the flavor as well. ¬†I am almost out of honey so I ended up putting not quite as much as I wanted because it was so difficult to get out of the container.

This recipe is completely vegan, until you add the honey.  This would be easy to omit and use agave or maple syrup instead.

I’ll still be eating these probably with jam and sunflower seed butter. ¬†The texture is really nice and fluffy. ¬†I wanted a fluffier bar, not a dense bar. ¬†This turned out to be a good balance between the two.

With my baking bug cured, I set off to face the laundry. ¬†Half way through I snacked on a small corner of the sunflower seed coconut bars (it crumbled because I didn’t allow it to cool before I removed it from the pan) and tried my first Honest Tea. ¬†The white peach flavor was really refreshing and just slightly sweet.


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DMB Concert in a lotta photos + a little words

Afternoon snack

Pre-Concert Dinner with Brittney:

Flying Saucer, Charlotte

Ace Pear for Brittney, Sam’s Summer¬† Ale for moi

Fun menu

Hippies for everyone:

Hippie Hollow for me

Hippie Burger for Brittney

1 hour, 2 miles of bumper to bumper traffic, and a brief rain shower later…

Tiny Dave

Tinier Dave

Tall boy and a short girl (calling the kettle black)

Are my eyes open?  Who knows.

Late night.

Early morning.

Flax Optimum  cereal

Homemade granola

1/2 banana


Organic skim milk


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Fancy grilled cheese

Snacky McSnacky followed me home and made me eat…


Flax Optimum Power cereal + 1/2 banana and almond milk.


an un-pictured large handful of pretzels and the rest of the humus.

It’s kind of difficult for me to come home at 6:30 pm and not eat a meal, so sometimes I end up over-snacking. ¬†I think it all balances out though because then I end up having a super small dinner as you will soon see.

Next, I worked on my fitness. ¬†ūüôā

I ran 30 minutes on the treadmill where I pushed myself fairly hard.

Program: Hills Level 3 – meaning that the treadmill fluctuates between an incline of 0-2.6

Minutes     Speed

0-3               6.0

3-5               6.2

5-10            6.4

10-15          6.6

15-20          6.8

20-25          7.0

25-26           7.2

26-27           7.4

27-29           7.6 (I zoned out for a minute there and forgot to increase my speed)

29-30           8.0

Next I did 30 Day Shred Level 3.

I was a sweaty mess after all that, so I jumped in the shower, and got to dinner.

Dinner was simple but delicious.

I sampled and purchased this Cotswold at Earth Fare last weekend and immediately though Fancy Grilled Cheese! ¬†I love the onion and chive flavor. ¬†Plus Gloucester is very rich and creamy, which is perfect for a fancy sandwich. ¬†ūüôā

Grilled with a light coating of olive oil between two pieces of Ezekiel sprouted bread with thinly sliced tomatoes. ¬†This grilled cheese was more than fancy, it was delicious. ¬†Brad’s words were, “Man, this is good!”

His and hers:

Served with TJ’s Organic Tomato Bisque.

I’m sure canned soups aren’t as healthy as homemade but I’ve looked at the ingredients in TJ’s soups versus other canned soups and they are pretty superior over typical canned soups; right up there with Amy’s Organics and the more pricey organic brands. ¬†Plus they’re so yummy. ¬†I definitely ate my share last winter.

I wasn’t very hungry from my extra afternoon snacks so I kept it light tonight. ¬†Half a sandwich and half a can of soup was just right.

Brad is still working on my blog’s new look. ¬†I can’t wait to show it to everyone soon!

Sweet dreams and I’ll catch you for my favorite meal in the morning. ūüôā


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Snacky McSnacky

Lunch was so delicious.  One of my coworkers told me he was jealous.

I brought a generous amount of arugula with a bit of avocado in one container.  In another I brought a leftover black bean burger, which was possibly better the next day, and leftover roasted corn and sauteed peppers and onions in another container.  I wanted to heat up the food in this second container, which is why I packed them separately.

I ate it with a bit of my leftover tomato Vidalia dressing.  Cherries on the side made this meal complete.

But about two hours later I got kind of snacky and fell in love with one of the new Lara bars.

The PB chocolate chip is the only new one I have found and it is so peanutbuttery.¬† I don’t mind the somewhat overpowering taste of dates you get in most of their bars, but this was a nice change.¬† Dare I say better than the coconut cream pie bar?¬† I think I need a double blind test to make that official.

Then, about an hour later, one of my coworkers came and got me for an ice cream social we have each year to raise money for the United Way.  Well, who can say no to a good cause?

I give you my artistic interpretation of cookies and cream ice cream.¬† One scoop, in a bowl.¬† Of course, I didn’t snap a photo in front of all of my coworkers.¬† That would be weird.¬† Right?

Much more weird than drawing a picture of a scoop of ice cream in Paint.


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