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This weekend, I stopped by a local farmer’s market to purchase some farm fresh eggs.  I recently read on Elina’s blog about different egg farming practices and how buying organic eggs isn’t necessarily the best choice.  Besides Elina’s experience, here is another article on questionable organic and free range farming practices.  From what I have read, the best way to ensure that the hens laying your eggs are treated humanely, you need to purchase them from a small farm, one you can get to know and find out about their farming practices.

After somehow getting my eggs home without breaking them in their makeshift crate, I found another dozen eggs waiting for me.  My friends Sandy and Matt were visiting from the Raleigh area and had brought us eggs from their very own chickens.  Talk about humane treatment of chickens!  These chickens not only have free reign of the yard, but are cuddled like kittens by Sandy on a daily basis.  These chickens have it good and their eggs are really unique.


There are two missing because they were needed for some pancakes. 🙂

It is easier to see in person, but the egg on the bottom almost has a bluish hue when compared to the white egg at the top.

The blue one was turned into a delicious breakfast.

One egg + a laughing cow + smoked salmon on a sandwich thin with watermelon on the side.  Delicious.

Before heading out the door, I had Brad snap my photo because I really liked my outfit that day.



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My most very favorite breakfast

…as of late.

I have been on a serious egg kick lately.  Every type of egg-based meal sounds delicious to me.  After having day dreams about the Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict I had at Crepe Cellar for brunch several weeks ago, I knew I must fulfill my craving in my own way.  Side note: if you are a Charlottean, you must must must go to Crepe Cellar for brunch and dinner at some point.  Their menu is well-thought out and simply delicious.  Plus I love how cozy their space feels.

With it being too early for natural light and me being too impatient for our energy-efficient light bulbs to fully illuminate, you are left with a sub par photo.

But the meal itself was definitely on par.  (I’m sorry, with Tiger Woods being at the Quail Hollow Championship, I think I’ve heard “on par”, “over par”, and “sub par” at least 1,000 times in the past week.)

I toasted an piece of Ezekiel bread, then smeared it with about a 1 – 1 1/2 Tbsp. of Tofutti better than cream cheese.  I topped that with some smoked salmon.  I topped it with three scrambled egg whites + salt and pepper.  On the sides was a small pear I chopped, sprinkled with nutmeg and cinnamon and nuked until mushy.  I topped it with a generous dollop of plain yogurt.

This is definitely my favorite breakfast for the time being and I don’t see it going away anytime soon.  Usually when I find a “favorite”, I eat it everyday until I can only stand it from time to time.  Smoked salmon is expensive enough that I think this will not happen.  So for now, this is my breakfast of champions.


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