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Sushi at Enso

Yesterday evening, I arrived home from work to find this.

Wedding presents!  I received some of my very first Vietri dishes!

Vietri dishes are made in Italy, but Vietri is a North Carolina company.  I first learned of the company driving back to Raleigh from Charlotte (back when I was in grad school and visiting Brad on the weekends).  I often listen to NPR (because I’m a 80 years old) and while I was driving WUNC (NC Public Radio) did an interview with Susan and Frances Gravely, founders of Vietri.  They told a really lovely story about how they traveled to Italy with the mother in the 80’s and loved the Italian pottery so much they started importing it to sell it in the U.S.  You can hear the story here or read a shorter version here.

I just love beautiful dishes so in lieu of “fine china” I decided to go with Vietri’s intricate Italian pottery, which is handmade so every piece is just a little different.  It’s just beautiful.  I can’t wait to make a fancy meal (maybe Italian?) and plate it on my pale blue dishes and show it to you. 🙂  Maybe I’ll learn a thing or two on my Italian honeymoon.

After tearing into the boxes, Brad said the magical words for someone who worked all day and spent two hours commuting: “Honey, you shouldn’t have to cook tonight, let’s go out and get sushi”.

Well, if you insist.

To put it nicely, I haven’t been extremely impressed with the sushi scene in Charlotte.  Our favorite is Sushi 101 and Ru San’s is pretty good too (although they could probably benefit from a new website).  Since we live Uptown, we wanted to walk to a sushi restaurant and decided to try Enso since we’ve never tried it before.

Enso is a part of the Epicentre which is a complex in Uptown Charlotte with some dining, a couple of stores, but mostly bars and clubs.  It’s really not our scene, but we go every once in a while to try a new restaurant or take advantage of their movie theater which is 18+ after 7 pm (awesome).

I started off with a seaweed salad that also had some micro greens.  It was pretty yummy.

Hi Brad.

For sushi, I ordered the eel and avocado Maki roll.

I also had two Yellowtail tuna Nigiri, with plenty of wasabi.

Brad and two make rolls: spicy tuna and the eel and avocado.  He also had the tamago (egg) Nigiri and the mackerel Nigiri.

Enso was very trendy and a little pricey. The sushi was fresh and they had some very interesting rolls I would like to try.  I just wasn’t in the mood for huge rolls with tempura and 9 different toppings last night.  Sushi 101 is definitely still my favorite Charlotte sushi restaurant, especially because of their reasonable prices.

After dinner, we dropped by the The Wooden Vine which we went to last Thursday for a Tuscan wine tasting.  We are all about all things Italian lately. 😉  We really loved the Satta Costa Di Giulia (similar to a Sauvignon Blanc) and the La Mozza I Perazzi (a bold Sangiovese blend), so Brad bought a bottle of each.  The had to be ordered and shipped so last night was the perfect opportunity to pick them up.

Soon upon returning home, Brad headed to bed around 9 pm.  He’s been traveling for work since Monday and often does not get the sleep he needs in hotel rooms.  I stayed up until just after 11 to do some bloggy stuff, then turned in for the night.

To keep with the theme, here are some interesting Italian proverbs about marriage:

Ne di Venere Ne di Marte non si sposa ne si parte! – Neither marriage nor war will go away once you start

La buona moglie fa il buon marito – A good wife makes a good husband

La moglie e’ la chiave di casa – A good wife is the key to a good home

Meglio il marito senz’amore, che con gelosia – Better to have a husband without love than one who is jealous



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Busy busy wedding stuff

After a breakfast this morning, Brad and I set out to go to pre-marital counseling at my parent’s church.  Their pastor is our wedding officiant.  It went really well and we went over all the details of the wedding, which will hopefully help me order programs sometime this week.  Rascal was dropped off at my aunt’s house nearby so he could have some play time with their Jack Russell named Prancer.  Brad and I call her Pinky because of a pink dot on her nose and her speckled pink tummy.

After picking Rascal up and dropping him off by the house, we headed over to Byron’s South End, our reception site and the site Best Impression Caterers who are catering and hosting our wedding reception.  We were both ravenously hungry (breakfast usually only holds me over for about four hours), so Brad brought out PB & J bread to snack on.

Lovely photo, no?

The plan was to do an hor d’oeuvre tasting at Byron’s because we were not quite sure how to narrow down our choices to three.  But the lovely people at Byron’s decided to let us taste our entrees as well. 🙂

First up, the hor d’oeuvres…

From the top left corner, clockwise: spinach artichoke crostini, crab cake, bruschetta, filet crostini.  Guess which we picked. 🙂

Next up was salmon in a tarragon cream sauce.  To be honest, I don’t love tarragon.  We’re not good friends.  I choke it down when it is served to me, but never buy it myself.  I thought I was going to be telling Byron’s that we had to come up with some other kind of herb in the sauce.  But surprisingly, I couldn’t taste the tarragon at all.  It was delicious.  I was actually so excited about the salmon, which I often am, that I forgot to take a photo.  You guys know what salmon looks like.  It was served with a mixed medley of carrots, zuchinni, and squash.

Next up was chicken Florentine.

Honestly anything with spinach and cheese is delicious.  The presentation here was not Best Impression’s fault.  They served the dish beautifully and then Brad and I served ourselves quite sloppily.  I ate every bite.

I’m pretty sure there was butter  in something I ate, because I feel a little lethargic now.

Rascal says that he feels pretty lethargic too and he only wishes it was because there was butter in his food.

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Wedding Shape-Up Challenge Part 2

A little over 30 days ago, I announced that I was going to do a little Wedding Shape-Up Challenge (see the first half of my plan here).  Well those 30 days have come and gone and now I have moved on to the next 30 days, even though I haven’t blogged about it.

I learned some things about myself in that first 30 days.

1.  My body really responds to weight training mixed with short bursts of cardio.  I can tell a difference and so can Brad. 😉

2. My eating habits have really changed in the past few months and I don’t need to count calories, just listen to my body.  I think if I actually monitored what I ate, it would come out similarly to my plan, but sometimes I really need more calories sooner rather than later because of a super intense workout.

3. I can handle some intensity in my workouts, intensity beyond running long distances. When I started Level 1 of 30 Day Shred, I thought, “This isn’t too bad.”  But when I reached Level 2, I didn’t think I would ever make it to Level 3.  Well, I did and I’m there.  It’s not easy, but I can do it!

4. Besides the WSUC, I’ve learned that I really like blogging and I have decided to become more committed to it, which if you read regularly, you probably have already realized this since I’ve been posting way more lately.

So what am I doing for the second part of WSUC?  For the next 25 days (I already started this about a week ago) I’m working…

  • Adding mileage to my runs by doing a long run on Saturday and gradually increasing until I’m up to 10 miles (I’m up to 8ish currently).  This won’t be that difficult, but I want to actually do at least two 10 milers before we leave for our honeymoon.
  • Do three weight training heavy workouts a week, which will probably be  in the form of a Jillian video.  I’m shooting for two Level 3 30 Day Shreds a week + one No More Trouble Zones.  But we’ll see about this.  As long as I get in the three weight training workouts, I’m not going to feel bad about doing a different format of exercise.
  • Eat as balanced as I can.  This means not passing on cake at my showers or wine on the weekends (and our pub crawl in lieu of a bachelor/bachelorette party!), but taking it easy and knowing where my stopping points should be.

This is what I have basically morphed into doing the first 30 days, except for the difference in exercising, so I think this works well for me.

Not too hard.  Not too soft.  It’s juuuuuust right. 🙂


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All about the toast

Lately, I’ve been eating a lot of toast.  But not just buttered toast or toast with jelly; toast with so many toppings, it’s practically a meal in itself.

Take Thursday (yesterday) for example…

Now, this doesn’t look very pretty, but I assure you that it’s delicious.  One egg, over easy, on top of toast smeared with a Light Swiss Laughing Cow, then topped with one ounce of avocado.  Yum!  I love eggs and avocado, even though Brad thinks it’s gross.

Served with a side of sliced kiwi, eaten with skin on.  🙂

The fun part of this toast-based breakfast was using my new Misto, which was filled with olive oil.  I’ve been questioning the whole non-stick spray think lately and decided to pick one of these up at Marshalls.

It worked like a charm.

Please excuse my messy desk.  I would say that it doesn’t always look like this, but that would be a bold-faced lie.  As soon as I put something away, I have to find it again.  So, I typically just leave all the files and papers from the 15 projects I’m working on at one time, out on my desk where I can easily (?) find it.

Lunch was Ezekiel toast (of course), topped with one ounce of melted Brie, Crofters Superfruit Asia Jam (love this stuff), then topped with some tempeh I sautted in a skillet last week.  I had this along with a salad full of veggies: romaine, carrots, celery, tomatoes, and red bell pepper, drizzled with lemon juice and honey.

In other news, these capris are proof that my Wedding Shape-up Challenge is totally working.  I haven’t wore these capris since I was a senior in college and weighed much less.  The funny this is (and I’ve mentioned this before), is that I haven’t actually lost any LB’s.  Well maybe 1-2?  But not a significant amount.  The Wedding Shape-up Challenge is all about the muscle build and the fat loss.  I wish I would have taken before shots or measurements before, because I can definitely tell a difference.  This just goes to show that number on the scale, ladies, do not matter so much.  And I’m wagging my finger at myself too as I say this.  You can build muscle and lose fat, fit into clothes you haven’t fit into in years, and the scale may not budge a bit.  The way your clothes fit and how you feel is truly the best way to judge your progress.

One more story for the road:

I had my first almost wedding crisis yesterday.  My seamstress has been putting off being finished with my dress for weeks.  She basically told me it would be ready June 15, but wasn’t ready because every time I tried it on, something else needed to be done (usually things I had already asked her to do to it).  To make a long story short, it was supposed to “really” be done last week but ended up not being done until yesterday after she didn’t return my phone calls for two days and told me she didn’t know when it would be ready on Wednesday.  My bridal portrait is today, hence the almost crisis, so I really needed to get it yesterday at the very latest.  I almost lost my cool as I contemplated how I was going to pick the lock or bust down the door on her shop to get my dress, which was being held hostage.  Luckily everything worked out.  I said thank you, took my dress, and never looked back.    All’s well that ends well, right?

I’m crossing my fingers that this is the only crisis adverted and everything else is smooth sailing.

Any wedding horror stories to share?  I know these kind of things happen to everyone, so it’s good to keep it all in perspective.


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